The Right Time

The Right Time


Here is Andrew’s new engagement watch! After a couple of weeks of searching, we were finally able to find the right piece for him. Andrew decided on a watch over a banjo. We like this more because he can wear it everyday whereas a banjo would mostly be at home . There were a few contenders, but Andrew did not want a watch with a leather band. Since I am sensitive about animals, he did not want something that was supposed to represent us involving animals. (That kind of stuff right there is why I am marrying the man!) For my part, I wanted something to match my bling. For any other couple looking for a non-leather option who are not interested in metal links, I would recommend looking at Daniel Wellington watches with the fabric bands or go for wooden watches. We saw several of those by brands like WeWood and MEKU.  Those alternative materials were the ones that caught our eyes. However, in the end he chose Skagen. This style of watch is made of stainless steel but doesn’t have the bulky feel of those with big links.He had given up on finding a Skagen men’s watch with rose gold when we were just browsing in Dillard’s and saw this beauty on display. I think it was meant to be.

As for wedding planning, I have been trying to make some appointments to view some places, but not everywhere has been responsive. To be honest, that makes me a bit nervous. I need to get back to reading my wedding planning books as well. Having just seen a wedding this past weekend, Andrew and I feel the need to get our butts in gear.

The wedding was gorgeous by the way! It was held at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens and Arboretum. I will only show a couple of photos to show the venue since it was not my wedding, but they had quite an elegant atmosphere with fun twists like the laid-back food and geeky references in the music and vows. Oh and their dogs were ring bearers! So cute!

IMG_1761 (1)
FullSizeRender (1)

They were married in front of a tree, and then the reception was in a ivy-covered greenhouse. All in all, a good time, as you can see from Andrew’s and my smiling faces!

Keep the love first,



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