My Dress Arrived!

My Dress Arrived!

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My dress came yesterday! I am so ecstatic! (And how appropriate is the wording on that box?!)

This is the box before I hastily called Steph and ripped it open while hyperventilating. Unfortunately, I have no one to help me zip it up at present. I was able to see if the fabric pulled together (It did!), so I am 99% sure of having no issues with it fitting. I am unable to ask for Andrew’s assistance because one of the few traditions I am keeping for my wedding is that Andrew is not allowed to see me in the dress before the wedding day via irl or in photos. Do you remember the That 70s Show episode where Eric sees Donna’s dress before the wedding, not heeding the warning of it bringing bad luck? Well, I know how that fiasco ended. So I tweaked the superstition a bit to him not seeing me in the dress because honestly with us living together in a tiny apartment it is impossible to keep it out of sight.

But it came! And it is lovely! Kudos, ModCloth!

Feeding my anxieties while waiting on the dress, I had imagined the million things that could go wrong. I had actually made peace with the high probability that something would. The fact that it came in at all brought much relief! That obstacle cleared, I had several other fears to assuage.The reviews had said the fabric was much more gold than the photo hints at, and I was ready to pull out a dark and heavy color and convince myself it didn’t wash me out. However, the dress I received is undeniably champagne, as the product description said, and I felt hope on the horizon. Now that I knew it looked pretty out of the box, it was time to see if it looked half as good on me. I will not post any pictures as I cannot guarantee that Andrew will not see them, but Steph assured me on FaceTime that I did not look as if a lace and tulle monster was eating me alive. With the exception of  a few pulled threads on the dress, all that remains is some help with a pesky zipper.

My sister, very much doubting my sanity in ordering a dress I couldn’t try on, said I am very lucky. I agree.

When Andrew’s mom was in town a couple of days ago, we had even looked at back-up dresses. So much the better for this dress because I did not find one promising opponent in all the stores. There was one moment at Dillard’s when I thought I might breakdown when I couldn’t find a simple dress at the department chains. I was nervous about bridal shops for a variety of reasons.  I was too short on time to even rush order something that wasn’t already in my size. Plus, I am too frugal to spend more than $200 on a dress I may not wear again, and, though I was surprisingly in love with the lace on my dress, it would be hard to persuade me into the beaded bodices, long trains, blinged-out sashes, and puffy tulle flowers that seemed popular at the bridal shops. There is nothing wrong with these things; I just have a hard time picturing myself outside of jeans most days, much less in a gown.

After trying on the dress yesterday, I alternated between sniffling and dancing for a good hour. For the occasion, I think the reaction was appropriate.

So without further ado, I leave you with a picture of my dress. Not a very artful photo mind you, as it is on my couch, but a picture none the less.

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Keep the love first, and, please…

Keep your fingers crossed for us,